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In the crucible of sound, where rebellion meets melody, ROWSIE emerges as a force to be reckoned with. Formed just two years ago, this audacious quartet, comprised of Richard Rothenberg (guitar & vocals), Holly Henderson (guitar & vocals), Alan D Boyd (bass & vocals), and Lauren Taylor (drums), has already left an indelible mark on the musical landscape. Their debut album, “I” (one) released under the Ivy RecRods banner, is a testament to their collective prowess, where great, noisy guitars reign supreme..

ROWSIE recently concluded a whirlwind 17-date tour across the UK in the autumn of 2023, leaving venues pulsating with the energy of their live performances. This tour served as a sonic odyssey, a testament to the band’s commitment to bringing their stories and sounds directly to their growing legion of fans.

ROWSIE’s inaugural opus, “I” (one), released under the banner of Ivy RecRods, is a sonic journey that exemplifies the band’s multifaceted musical prowess. Each song is a story encased in a startling sonic blanket; taking a swing at love, lost childhood, salvation and never-ending ironic encounters with their own defects of character…it challenges. With a sound that evokes the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll’s rebellion, pop’s infectious melodies, and indie’s fearless experimentation, “I” is an audacious offering. The album is a cacophonous testament to the grand tradition of great, noisy guitars, where distortion and feedback act as vital ingredients in crafting a raw, unfiltered sound.

In “I,” ROWSIE weaves together a tapestry of melodies and dissonance, anchored by those great, noisy guitars that punctuate every track. The album’s marriage of blistering riffs and poignant lyricism creates a sonic atmosphere that’s both confrontational and cathartic. It’s a celebration of controlled chaos, where the roaring guitars aren’t just instruments; they’re the primary storytellers in this musical narrative.

Available in multiple formats, including vinyl and CD, “I” pays homage to the tactile pleasure of holding a record or slipping a disc into a player. At the same time, it embraces the digital age with accessibility on streaming platforms, making ROWSIE’s electrifying sounds available to a global audience. And for those who seek a direct connection to the band, the album’s availability on their Bandcamp site fosters a deeper relationship between artists and aficionados. With “I” ROWSIE not only makes a bold musical statement but also reminds us that great, noisy guitars have an enduring power to evoke emotions, inspire rebellion, and create timeless art.

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