How to Wrap Audio Cables the Right Way

Learn how to wrap audio cables using an over-under cable wrapping technique to wrap cables perfectly every time.

When a cable has been wrapped incorrectly, the wires inside the cable can warp and deteriorate over time. You should be able unwrap a cable by holding onto one end and tossing the cable in front of you. To wrap a cable correctly, you need to use an over-under cable wrapping technique—this ensures that your wrapped cables are free of kinks, which extends their lifespan and makes them easier to store.

Cables that are tangled won’t unravel properly when you toss them out in front of you, which is annoying and a waste of time.

Figure 1: A cable that has been wrapped incorrectly.

This is a cable that’s been wrapped correctly. As you can see, the cable looks relaxed and there aren’t any sections bending in directions that they shouldn’t be. When you toss the cable out in front of you, it should unravel to its full length without any tangles.

A image of a cable that has been wrapped correctly.
Figure 2: A cable that has been wrapped correctly.

To wrap a cable correctly, start by making a simple loop. Then, reach under the cable, grab onto it, and turn your wrist like you’re scooping ice cream to make the next loop. Repeat this process until you’ve finished wrapping the cable.

Figure 3: The over-under cable wrapping technique.

While you’re doing this, you’ll be able to feel which way the cable naturally wants move.  If you make a loop and you feel the cable tense up, just let go of the loop and make a loop the other way.

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